River Court has six levels of underground parking. All parking spaces are deeded to Unit Owners or owned by the Association and used as Visitor Parking.

Residents are provided with an access card to gain access to the garage.

Visitors must use the intercom located at the garage entrance/exit to contact the concierge in order to enter/leave the garage.

In addition, the building was designed to accommodate bicycle parking. A number of bicycle racks are located throughout the garage for residents to secure their bikes.

For everyone's safety, there is a 5 mph speed limit in the garage and we ask that residents turn their vehicle headlights on while in the garage.

River Court has set aside certain parking spaces in the garage to accommodate guests of residents and commercial units. These parking spaces are rented on a first come, first serve basis and charged on an hourly or daily basis. Effective 1/06, the rates are $1.50 per hour or $12 per day.

We ask that residents needing a Visitor Parking space contact the Concierge regarding availability and notify the Concierge prior to the arrival of a guest. The resident who is being visited will be billed monthly for the use of Visitor Parking.

We asked that you review the complete list of Rules & Regulations regarding parking.